Riverdale Review: Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness (Season 1 Episode 5)

Tensions rise as the Blossoms finally put Jason to rest, Archie must, at last, decide between music or football. Veronica also gets a little taste of Cheryl’s home life on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 5, “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness.”

Up until now, I’ve never really liked Cheryl. Her attitude was too typical and annoying to me, but now I see why she does it.

At home she isn’t the top dog who owns the area, she’s the scared daughter who has to be quiet and obey or else. Jason was her rock, he was the one who helped her get through everything with her parents, and now he’s gone. Now she has to endure them alone.

It’s even worse for Cheryl now because her parents blame her for his death. Her parents are real monsters.

Can they be the ones to disappear next?

It’s obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that Cheryl is completely heartbroken and is just trying to hold it together. But, that doesn’t stop Penelope Blossom from continuing to make her life miserable by not letting her speak at Jason’s memorial.

Veronica becoming a friend/frenemy is something that Cheryl needs right now and is a smart move all around. Cheryl doesn’t have any real friends, so when Veronica continues to check in on her, she assumes that that’s what was happening. So, she invites her over for a sleepover.

We’ve already seen what good comes from having Veronica Lodge as a friend. Veronica is a loyal friend to anyone who can show her kindness and right now, that’s what Cheryl is doing.

Veronica knows how nasty Cheryl has been to her and her friends, but when she see’s someone in trouble she has to intervene. That’s just what she does, and it makes us love her even more.

My favorite part of the whole episode is when Cheryl shows up to the memorial in the same dress she was wearing when Jason went missing. This act of defiance shows her parents that she isn’t going to back down when it comes to Jason.

Hopefully, now that Veronica and Cheryl have formed a little bond together we will get to see that mature in the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Valerie and Archie are hitting it off. It’s all about the music, but it’s not. Yeah, Valerie wants to push Archie in the music direction, but at the same time, she’s testing the waters to see when to make her move.

I can get behind Valerie and Archie. I would much rather see Valerie and Archie becoming a thing instead of it being a choice between Betty and Veronica. Also, I feel like Valerie has more in common with Archie.

Valerie supports Archie’s talents and wants him to focus on the thing that he’s good at. That’s why she gives him the number for Oscar Castillo. And, when Oscar Castillo tells Archie that he can’t help him she continues to push him not to give up.

Also, if Valerie and Archie end up getting together, it means more screen time for Josie and the Pussycats. Kevin is supposed to be a side character, yet he gets more screen time than Josie, an actual main character. It makes no sense.

Another relationship that continues to grow in “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness” is Betty and Jughead. Jughead doesn’t do well with other people a lot of the time, but his friendship with Betty is an exception. He’s comfortable enough to sneak around the Blossom’s mansion with Betty.

Betty and Jughead’s friendship is something that I cherish because they have so much chemistry with each other. I want to see more of this murder solving team.

As for next week, it’s time to meet Polly.

Other Thoughts:

  • I never imagined that Polly and Jason would’ve been running off together as an engaged couple.
  • Archie giving the captain position to Reggie was the right thing to do because he knows he isn’t better than him. Football is all Reggie cares about.
  • I’m not sure I like the Fred and Hermione dynamic. She turns him down and all of sudden he’s offering her a job at his place and holding her in a tight hug? That’s weird. It’s almost as if he thinks because he hired her that something might happen.

What did you think of this episode of Riverdale? Share in the comments below!

Riverdale airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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