Shadowhunters Winter Finale Hopes

So, Simon’s been taken hostage by Valentine, Alec took over the New York Institute, Meliorn is ready to lead the Downworlders into a ginger hunt to turn Clary over and Isabelle’s addiction reveal has left her out in the cold. It’s crazy how much can happen on a Monday in the Shadowhunter world. With only one episode left in the first half of season two, here are a few things I’d like to see happen in the winter finale of Shadowhunters:

The Retrieval of Dot & Madzie

Poor Dot has suffered enough in the hands of Valentine trying to protect Clary. She stuck by Jocelyn’s side all these years protecting her, shielding her from this world only to be held captive by her worst nightmare.

She’s been tortured and forced to endure Valentine’s twisted experimentation just to survive. Now, she’s put in a dreadful situation with a child warlock on the chopping block. It’s time she breaks free and shows that bastard just how powerful a pissed off warlock can be.

I would love to see Magnus rescue Dot and take in Madzie so she can see that she is no one’s pawn. I want Dot to be saved and have time to heal, not revving up to go to war. She’s been fighting the battle as a hostage, she needs time and Madzie needs to get out of the grasp of a madman.

Downworlders Unite

As much as I love Magnus, Luke, and Raphael, Meliorn had a point during the Downworlder Council meeting. Every single one of them has put Shadowhunters before their own people, but fighting among themselves will only create a poor divide in a time where uniting could mean survival.

It’s the Downworlders lives at stake in all of this and coming together as one complete unit for once could not only save their people but create a new world order. Shadowhunters may be the ones who are supposed to “keep the peace” within their world, but they’re vastly outnumbered by the Downworlders they treat like second class citizens.

Since the moment Clary Fairchild stepped into this world, she’s taken choices out of the hands of the people who the real consequences truly affect. It’s time to tell them what’s going on so they can actually have a choice in their own futures.

Jace Angelic Wayland

We all have a hard bar where we draw the line of things when choosing our entertainment, whether it be books or TV shows, there are just some themes I can’t physically or emotionally deal with.

Incest is top 3 for me so obviously going into the TV series I had to know the outcome of that storyline. It’s safe to say that I’ve been dealing with it as best I can be but during S2A, I found myself not paying much attention to the sibling storyline and more attention to the constant pain Jace always carries around with him.

Finding out you’re in love with someone who may be your sister is enough to knock you on your ass but Jace’s entire world revolved around being a Shadowhunter. To be told that he was the son of the man who’s tried to commit genocide twice also injected him with demon blood as some sort of experiment tore his soul out.

I don’t care for Climon but if it means Jace gets to find out that he doesn’t have demon blood in him then I will stomach it. There is one particular scene in the books involving Simon and Jace that I desperately hope they keep. (Shocking since I’m REALLY not a fan of the books) I need Jace and Simon to have that connection. I need Jace to find that resolve and try to start healing.

Rizzy Recovery

Let me start this by saying I don’t ship this. I don’t like the addiction storyline being given to two POC’s and portraying a stereotypical narrative, and I don’t like how they downgraded two important, strong characters to addicts chasing a high.

After the events of the last episode, I need them both to stay in the shadows. Raphael should heed Magnus’ advice and dry out so he can see that his feelings are merely the blood lust his relapse has created in his head, not his heart.

Isabelle might take a bit longer to recover since she’s never dealt with something like this before but at this point, having her anywhere near the battle at the institute would only make her a liability. I love these two characters as individuals and I hate how they’ve sort of been knocked down this season.

As much as I would love to see them in the winter finale kicking ass, the best thing for them to be doing right now would be to stay out of sight.

H.L.I.C (Head Lightwood In Charge)

Alec has spent a season and a half spinning aimlessly trying to figure himself out and manage all the new things he’s feeling now that he’s out and experiencing being in a relationship for the first time while trying to maintain his duty as a Shadowhunter.

After the discovery of Isabelle’s addiction and the kidnapping of Clary by Valentine, Alec finally decides to step up and take back control of his life as a Shadowhunter.

Alec standing up to Aldertree and taking control of the institute was a side of Alec I’d longed to see. I want him to take his leadership position to new levels, I want him to be better than his parents were so he can make himself feel proud for a change instead of worrying about pleasing the Clave or recreating the family name. He is a new generation of leadership and can effect change.

I know it’s silly to think the institute will win any sort of war against Valentine right off break, but I’d like for him to at least win this battle and push back Valentine’s advances to let him know that he is starting a war against a new generation. One with openly gay Shadowhunters that don’t just date warlocks but work closely with werewolves and vampires because this is their world too.

Just a side note since I mentioned Malec, wouldn’t it be cool if they could, you know, be affection with one another like all the heteros on the show? I mean, I’ll save that salt for my post-finale pretzels, but it’s just a thought.

I try not to go into any episode with my hopes up because I am a naturally anxious human being. I am passionate about the things I spend time on and when it seems like it may take a hard right into hot garbage land, it tends to wreck my whole week.

I love this show very much. I love that it can make or break my weeks. I love that it makes me care about these people and get angry when they’re treated poorly. I love that I feel less alone with characters like Magnus Bane being so incredibly strong in the face of adversity when he’s got so much pain inside.

I worry my articles will come off like I don’t like the show but please don’t mistake my grievances with plot-lines or actions as anything but passion. I want so much for these fictional characters and when you care about people, you get emotional about their treatment.

Give the Downworlders more screen time being badasses. Stop torturing a guy who is already broken down and let him have one freaking simple win for a change because THAT would be surprising. Give the two men in a relationship more than just a quick, desperate kiss before a battle and maybe even let them hold hands for a bit. (I hear couples do that from time to time)

All I can hope for at this point as that everyone comes out of the finale alive. Join me on the Fandom Bay twitter account as I livetweet the winter finale airing of Shadowhunters on Monday, March 6th @ 7/8c only on Freeform.


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