Legends of Tomorrow Review: Land of The Lost (Season 2 Episode 13)

What happens when you mix extremely territorial mother dinosaurs, twisted versions of the characters we’ve all come to know and love, and an operating system taking the form of a British brunette (as opposed to a redhead)? You get Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 13 “Land of the Lost.”

Rip (Rather Predictably) Doesn’t Stay Down For Long

Honestly, who didn’t see something like this happening? As much as I love Sara, there’s no going around the fact that bringing Legion!Rip aboard The Waverider was probably the worst move that she could’ve made.

If she was gonna just leave Hunter to his own devices, the least she could’ve done was left him bound and gagged. I’m sure The League Of Assassins taught her more than just how to assassinate somebody 15 different ways.

Even though I saw him getting out coming a mile away, I’m glad that Gideon showed some kind of resistance to his influence. It didn’t last all that long, in the grand scheme, but something was better than nothing.

didn’t see the medallion getting destroyed coming, though. I have to give points to the writers for that one. Sure, they resolved that potential conflict by the end of the episode, but it certainly added a certain layer of urgency that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

I’m sure Nate would’ve loved to clock him across the jaw, but Mick got to him first.

Ray Palmer, Cretaceous Period Survivalist

I remembered, back at the beginning of the season, wanting to see more of the time periods that everyone got scattered to. I didn’t actually think they would go back to them, though. I thought they would’ve just stayed as little vignettes but, should they keep down this path, I wouldn’t be upset about it at all.

Ray is unabashedly one of my favorite DCTV characters. Anytime we get a Palmer-leaning episode, they never fail to have me entertained. If you thought he was in ‘his element’ in Camelot, he was even more ‘at home’ this time around.

I love whenever he gets to show off his nerdy side and he got to mix that with an inherent level of craftiness and cleverness that helped him survive six months in ‘the land before time’.

You can’t help but agree with Amaya, though. I’d rather not know what Ray did to sustain a half-year’s worth of male T-Rex urine. I’d much rather know what he makes his ‘world-famous iguana soup’ out of.

What kind of spices does he use? What does iguana even taste like? How many iguanas were harmed in the making of his recipe? Did he grow his own variety of Cretaceous vegetables?

Mirror, Mirror, In Rip Hunter’s Head

Only Sara Lance is really capable of being an equal to herself. Forget Malcolm Merlyn. Forget Damien Darhk. If there’s a more appropriate time to use the phrase ‘you’re your own worst enemy’, I can’t think of one.

It was a good thing that she and Jax got to wear their regular clothes in Rip’s head. If they would’ve been wearing their battle outfits (ala Arrow‘s season 4 episode, ‘Restoration’), there would’ve been major potential for classic Scooby-Doo level shenanigans.

Seeing everyone’s twisted version was interesting to see, though. I didn’t expect much more than what was shown, though. If this were to be a two-part episode, I could’ve definitely seen the show exploring more of the ‘darker’ sides of our beloved heroes.

Seeing Twisted!Ray headbutt Sara with his helmet was definitely a shocker. I would’ve suspected that Twisted!Mick would’ve done that, but I was most certainly mistaken.

Kudos goes to Jax for managing to outsmart his evil doppelganger, though. He continues to lend more and more credence that you don’t have to have actual powers to be a hero. 

“Destiny” Rears Its Ugly Head Yet Again

As soon as the show was giving confirmation that this was the road they were going down, I was wondering/worried about when the whole ‘Amaya is from the 1940’s’ angle was gonna get talked about.

Even though she, as well as Nate, have managed to mesh well enough with the rest of the group that she feels like she’s always been there, there’s one rather distinct difference between her and Heywood. The historian has an actual future to go back to, should he want to.

By the time Season 1 kicked off with its pilot episode, Amaya had already lived her life and passed her totem necklace down to the current timeline’s version of Vixen, her own granddaughter.

All of this isn’t lost on Ray and, being the best friend he figures he can be, he lets Nate in on the info. I don’t blame him in the least bit. He also gave a significant nod to the ‘Vixen’ animated series at the same time.

Who better to give the ‘stay out of destiny’s way’ talk than Ray? Destiny’s screwed him over at, literally, every romantic turn? His fiancee got killed,  his next girlfriend (foolishly) couldn’t reciprocate the feelings, and the woman after that left him for a future version of her cursed soulmate.

He didn’t want to see his friend go through what he did and that’s just another reason why I love Ray. Someone like Mick would’ve just thrown everything out on the table and left. Ray did it with tact. If I had things my way, I would prefer Nate and Amaya to stay together, but I’ve already been burned once before. This is definitely a ‘wait and see’ kind of thing.

O Former Captain, My Former Captain

As opposed to Ray and my opinion of him, Rip Hunter hasn’t resonated with me all that much. His ‘tragic backstory’ didn’t make me care about him, and I would’ve been just as happy with him never coming back to the show.

The fact that he was turned into a villain for a few episodes didn’t help with his standing either. However, since he’s back to his regular self, I guess I’ll have to give him another chance.

He’s not the head of operations anymore, and the weight of his family being killed isn’t on his character anymore. Hopefully, he’ll lighten up and actually be enjoyable to have around for the rest of the season.

Other Thoughts

  • Mick continues to prove himself to be the smartest character on the ship. They all have their specialized brand of intelligence, but Rory’s star keeps shining brighter each episode.
  • I realized the crew (aside from Mick and Ray) haven’t worn their actual battle outfits in a long time.
  • Twisted!Jax was definitely giving me Deathstorm vibes.
  • Seeing Gideon in a human form was the biggest surprise of the season. I didn’t exactly need to see her and Rip kiss but whatever.
  • Any time Martin gets taken down a peg is a good time in my book.
  • Sir Raymond Of The Palms meet Amaya The Dinosaur Whisperer.

Most Favorite Character: Ray Palmer (We all need a friend like Ray in our lives. He’s rich, knows how to survive in the Cretaceous period, is officially a Knight Of The Round Table, and can help you navigate the storms of love. What more could you ask for?)

Least Favorite Character: Legion!Rip (I’m glad to see him go and I hope he never comes back. Ever.)

Overall Grade: B (This episode could’ve easily worked as a great two-part episode but, given that there are only 4 episodes left in the season, I understand why it was all so condensed. It’s not my absolute favorite episode, but it’s definitely got more than its fair share of high points.)

What did you think about this episode of Legends of Tomorrow? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Legends Of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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