Samurai Jack is back and ready to attack!

Samurai Jack opens with an epic battle scene. It was between an iron clad Jack versus some very large and evil looking beetles. Jack emerges victorious as we knew he would. Yet, he has changed.

He’s no longer disciplined and clean cut. Instead, he’s rocking an unkempt beard and carrying a pile of regret. That regret comes in the form of severe Post Traumatic Stress. No, his PTSD does not stop him from kicking butt and taking names. Instead, it forces him to face his past in the form of very dark visions.

The Daughters of Aku are nothing to mess with. Not when one of them can give birth to not one not two or three, but seven baby girls naturally and go back to worth. Those girls grow up fast.

When we see them again, they are in training to become the next line of “daughters.” During training, one girl catches a glimpse of the outside. This is the one that the audience roots for. There is something in good in her.

When I heard that the show was green lit for a new season, I felt overjoyed. Twelve in half years is a long time to wait, but so far the season is pretty awesome. I also heard that this is the final season. The season shelved for a very long time.

It was nice to see the hashtag Samurai Jack trending on Twitter. I smiled when I heard the song play in the credits. That was the moment when I realize that I really miss that show a lot. Thank goodness that cartoon network decided to air it this year. What an awesome treat for the Samurai Jack fandom. I’m ready to see episode two because episode one was a good one.


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