Due to some rather clever thinking by Commander Steel, Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 14, “Moonshot,” sends us on a wild trip.  We aren’t traveling through time to get the Spear of Destiny fragment. We’re traveling through space. It’s good to know that The Waverider can handle just about whatever condition you put it in.

The Commander Himself

Given that Commander Steel was the only Justice Society member that hadn’t been revisited by the end of last week’s episode, it only made sense that he was the one to hold the last fragment of the spear.

He was the only one, from their initial episode, that grew on me by the end of the episode. It wasn’t a situation where I didn’t even realize he was someone that I was supposed to know. (ala Dr. Mid-Nite).

The fact that one of his re-introduction scenes was him punching Rip across the jaw gave him points with me, even though it might not’ve been the best news for public media to report on.

I loved the fact that he was so on-board with joining Nate and the others on the mission. He wasn’t talking down to the team or about the team. He was just along for the ride, and that was exactly what I wanted to see. I didn’t want a rehashing of what we saw in the second episode.

It was also great that his relationship with Nate and, subsequently, Nate’s father got such a high point on the ‘To Do List’ in this episode. Even though we only got to see Hank Heywood’s younger self, the whole storyline added depth and complexity to both grandfather and grandson. The fact that he was willing to rig a contest just to be able to see the son he ‘abandoned’ shows the amount of dedication he had for his family.

His final scene with Nate definitely stirred the emotions in me. As soon as I saw him in the cargo bay, I knew he wasn’t gonna be coming back. He wasn’t my absolute most favorite character, but he was a good addition to have for the time that he was there. Even in the face of certain death, he sacrificed himself for the team. It’s obvious where Nate gets that part of his attitude and personality from.

Seeing him break down over what happened made me get emotional just the same.

One Small Step For Ray

I was really worried about Ray this week. Getting stuck with Eobard couldn’t have been an ideal way to have spent his time.

Honestly, I would’ve preferred Ray just open the door and shove him out into the deep terrain of space. After all, even Speedsters need air to breathe. Even if he did have his speed available to use, I highly doubt that he would’ve been able to survive on the Moon.

That’s not something that Ray Palmer would do, but it’s nice to dream. I never really like stories where the good guys are forced to work with the bad guys, and my mind wasn’t changed here. I was skeeved out whenever Eobard opened his mouth to speak.

He was trying to spin his own tale of ‘I’m not really a bad guy, ‘ and I’m glad Ray saw right through it. He may not have been personally affected by Thawne’s actions, but he knows enough to know that he’s nothing but trouble.

I was worried that we were gonna get another Vandal Savage type of situation. That moment was a low moment for the first season and I’m glad we didn’t go down that road again. He only trusted Eobard enough to get them back to Earth. He even, in a great moment, pulled his card and basically, in his own Ray way, told him to get the hell off the ship.

The Paradox Of ‘Destiny’

Henry and Amaya’s storylines intertwined in a way that I wasn’t even expecting. I’m pretty sure Amaya wasn’t expecting it, either. As soon as I saw her come down the stairs and interrupt The Heywoods, I saw what the writers were intending on doing and portraying.

Even though it, more than likely, would’ve blew up in his face, I can’t fault Nate all that much for wanting to change history in this specific moment. He was coming from a more self-preserving angle but he wasn’t being 100% selfish about wanting his grandfather and father to reunite.

At the same time, Amaya was 100% right about where she was coming from and I had to side more with her in this instance. Everything that happens, whether it’s good or bad, makes you the person you are. As sad as it sounds and is, the Nate we’ve come to know and love probably wouldn’t exist, had his father been better to him.

Amaya’s half of the coin didn’t come in until, honestly, the end of the episode but it was most definitely still there. Like Ray said, and we all know, she has her own ‘destiny’ to fulfill. I wasn’t a fan of how Nate just got angry and spilled the beans but I was willing to let it go once he apologized.

Even though I’m glad Amaya knows the truth, I can only hope it doesn’t adversely affect the timeline too much. If I was a betting man at the end of the day, I think she would take more of Henry’s approach and let destiny take its course. Now that she knows what’s to become of her legacy, I don’t see her as the kind of character that would throw all of that away.

Captain Lance vs. Captain Hunter

I knew this was coming from a mile away. Rip’s back and he’s already causing tension and pressure that wasn’t there before. I’m glad he didn’t just come back and expect everything to be the exact same way it was when he left. That would’ve just been too obnoxious for me to handle.

He knew that Sara succeeds where he fails and I think I’m gonna like him a lot more in these final 3 episodes. Humility is always a good place to start for a ‘character redemption’ arc.

I could easily see him taking a second-in-command role on the ship. Nobody knows The Waverider and Gideon better than him. He can still put his knowledge and experience to good use, just not at the helm of the ship.

Other Thoughts

  • Now, only Vixen, Obsidian, and Star Girl are the only ‘living’ members of The Justice Society Of America.
  • Commander Steel looks far better with this haircut, as opposed to his initial one.
  • With only 3 episodes left, I hope we don’t put any strain on Nate and Amaya’s relationship anymore.
  • I’m glad Nate got his moment, at the end, with his ‘dad’.

Most Favorite Character: Sara Lance (Commander put summed it up perfectly. She’s built the team up to be the force it is today. There’s bumps along the road but it’s nothing they can’t handle. The fact that she had enough faith in Ray’s judgment sealed the deal for me.If you don’t have trust and faith in your team, you don’t have much of anything.)

Least Favorite Character: Eobard Thawne (I just wish The Black Flash would hurry up and kill him already. An actual death would be preferred. I don’t want another twisted Speedster running around. When he got erased from the timeline the first time, I thought that would be the last I’d ever see of him Unfortunately, not.)

Overall Grade: B- (I liked this episode for what it was. However, I would’ve preferred they just left Eobard out of it and focused more on the team as a whole. His trying to manipulate Ray didn’t entertain me and took more away from the show than it added. All of that time could’ve been spent highlighting Commander Steel or character development on any of the good guys.)

What did you think about this episode of Legends of Tomorrow? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Legends Of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.



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