Grey’s Anatomy Review: Till I Hear It From You (Season 13 Episode 17)

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 17, “Till I Hear It From You,” is a wild ride of emotions as Maggie hears some bad news about her mother + Amelia finally drops the bomb on Owen.

The drama between Amelia and Owen has been going on for so long that I can’t even remember when it started. That’s when you know something has gone on long enough. Amelia finally tells Owen the truth but didn’t get the response she was hoping for.

I’m not sure what type of reaction she was hoping to get from Owen after all this time of always ignoring him and being away from him. Owen has been up front about his wants from the beginning; it’s Amelia who’s let this secret eat her alive.

Somewhere in her mind, she thinks she’s in the right, even after causing a humongous scene in front of the other doctors. First off, how DARE Amelia mention Cristina Yang’s name to Owen. She went for a low blow because she knows that’s the only way she would get to win this fight.

Not only does she try and make Owen feel sorry for her wrongdoings, but she also tries to turn Maggie’s mother situation into something about her. Shame.

Now that the air has been cleared and Owen + Amelia are, somewhat, on speaking terms, I want to see them sit down and discuss the baby drama. I get it, Amelia went through a traumatic experience, and she doesn’t want to go down that road again. But, lying and ignoring your spouse over it doesn’t help anybody out.

I don’t see where Amelia’s thoughts were when she decided to keep this secret from Owen. Owen is an understanding guy, and all she had to do was tell him the truth from the beginning.

Besides all the Amelia + Owen drama, Maggie is dealing with her own problems, a.k.a her mother.

Watching Maggie run around asking other people and trying to figure out why her mother wanted a boob job is a hard task for viewers because we know the truth will come out. And it did.

Having to sit and experience Maggie’s entire world shatter as she finds out that her mother has breast cancer is brutal. We all know that had she known she would’ve been doing whatever she could to make sure her mother got the best treatment. Instead, her mother lied to her.

Diane didn’t want Maggie to worry, but now she’s completely immersed herself in her mother’s file trying to help because she’s nothing but worried.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Riggs finally hash things out and decide that they’re going to dip their toes in the water and give it a go. Me? I don’t like it. Riggs has done nothing to win me over and make me like him.

Meredith deserves happiness, but I think that she can find it somewhere else. I feel no spark between the two of them, at all. All I feel is tension because Riggs can’t take no for an answer.

“Till I Hear It From You” sets everything up for what looks to be one of the most emotional episodes of the season, next week.

Other Thoughts:

  • Everything inside of me hopes that things fall apart between Riggs and Meredith. I know that’s bad, but I don’t like him.
  • Arizona and Webber being back on good terms again is such a big relief. I couldn’t stand the two of them not talking to each other.
  • With the fate of Diane’s surgery still out there I can’t help but be nervous. Anything can happen on Grey’s Anatomy.

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.


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