Legends Of Tomorrow Review: The Fellowship Of The Spear (Season 2 Episode 15)

Before I watched Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 15, “The Fellowship Of The Spear,” I was feeling pretty good. I was ready to watch my favorite DC TV show and enjoy a good hour of time-traveling adventures.

By the time I got finished with the episode, I had completely lost track of how many times my eyes had rolled all the way to the back of my head. This episode could be summed up in 8 simple words: ‘character regression to serve plot advancement never works.’

Piecing The Spear Together

As soon as the show opened to the team in France in the middle of the war, my antennas went up. “How Did We Get Here’ episodes can either go really right or really wrong for me. More times than not, the shows that do them manage to pull it off. The legends weren’t able to meet the mark.

As soon as we saw the spear actually light up, meaning that it was all put back together, I had the feeling that something major was bound to happen. There’s still two full episodes left in the season. You should never completely trust it when the main characters achieve their main goal before the season finale episode. In this case, the worst possible outcome occurred.

Given how this episode ended and the fact that the penultimate episode of this season is called “Doomworld,” there’s only one way this story can really go. 

The further down the rabbit hole we got with this episode, the more the fog of war cleared ahead of me. I liked the parallel the show made between The Spear and The Ring. I barely know all that much about Lord of the Rings but the comparison was so blatant, it was practically staring me in the face.

The Spear calling out to the team was an obvious breeding ground for internal team conflict (my least favorite kind of plot conflict). An item that powerful can never just politely sit on the table and wait to be destroyed. It has to breed conflict and dissension between our legends.

I found it interesting that Mick’s parents were the voices he was hearing and I much rather would’ve preferred to journey down that avenue, as opposed to the road we ultimately went down.

Putting The Spear Of Destiny back together was just a necessary evil for the plot in this episode. The team had to have a reason to go find the blood of Christ. I thought it would’ve been smarter to time-jump to before the war started and get the blood then but that’s just my thinking. Maybe it wouldn’t have worked like that. 

Flashbacks To A Time Yet Cemented

Even though it was said that The Spear would be calling out to the whole team, the episode only really highlighted Amaya and Mick. Maybe they were the most emotionally susceptible and that was what drew them to the spear. Amaya just learned of her future and the future of her lineage.

Just like I felt with Nate and wanting to change the past for his family, I can’t blame Amaya for wanting to change her past (future, I think in this context), and prevent her village from burning down. Nobody wants to just sit back and watch their home get destroyed, especially knowing they could have done something to prevent it.

I like how her desires were tied with her being around all the casualties of war and the injured soldiers. Sure, her village might not be as big as an army, but the effects still remain the same for her. She couldn’t really help the soldiers, but she can most definitely help her people.

The confrontation between her and the team when it came to using The Spear against the Legion was probably the most genuinely tense scene in the show. On the one hand, it would make things a whole lot easier for everyone if they were just wiped out of reality entirely.The fewer villains in the world, the better.

However, ‘the spear has more power than any of us could possibly wield,’ to quote Rip. Even with the best of intentions, as I’m sure Amaya has, all it takes is one wrong move, and you have a whole different problem on your hands.

The scales of right and wrong have to balance out and knowing what I know about these kinds of things, you’re gonna wish you had the old evil when the new evil comes around.

I’m proud of Amaya for not giving into the temptation and going behind everyone’s back. It would’ve been much easier for her to try and use it or for her to join Mick on the dark side. Not everything can be done the quick and easy way.

Sure, the ‘hard way’ hurt them more than it helped them but who knows what the unintended consequences would’ve been? Sticking true to her character, she followed the more logical path, even though I’m sure her heart was in the right place with wanting to change her destiny.

Seriously, Mick?

Here is where the most frustration from this episode comes. I was hoping that the show wouldn’t go down this path, but I was just let down. Are we just going to have to call Mick a perpetual betrayer at this point? He already betrayed the team in the first season (episode seven, “Marooned”). This is the kind of character writing I completely despise.

I don’t know if I missed something or if I just wasn’t picking up on the subtle hints, but Mick’s betrayal to the Legion doesn’t make any sense to me. He claims to not feel like a part of the team when his whole storyline up to now has been about moving on from Snart’s death and forming bonds within the team. I do not understand where this sudden disconnect is coming from.

 In “Abominations,” Ray and Martin worked together to cure Mick of his zombie affliction, even though Martin could barely even say the actual word ‘zombie.’ In “Outlaw Country,” Amaya brought Mick back from the edge and helped him realize that he’s more than what he thinks he is. The primary focus of their plot in the episode was to get him to realize that he can control the animal inside him, not the other way around.

In “The Chicago Way,” Mick led the team to recover Sara and Martin when they were captured by Al Capone and The Legion. In “Turncoat,” he inspired George Washington to fight back against The British and go on to cross The Delaware and win The Revolutionary War. Just about every episode we’ve had this season has moved Mick Rory, as a character, a couple steps forward.

Now, Snart comes back into the picture and he, all of a sudden, feels like he doesn’t have a place in the team. Ray even got him a pet rat as a Christmas gift. Unless he just honestly and truly misses Snart, his decision is just a detriment to all the progress he’s made from episode one to now.

It would’ve been such a stronger character moment for him to refuse Snart’s offer and to side with his team. I’m sure the writers could’ve figured some way to get The Legion to ultimately win out, but this wasn’t the way to go for me. 

Other Thoughts:

  • Unless I’m wrong, they totally just reused the Camelot set for Sir Gawain’s ‘tomb.’
  • Ray not standing up for his friend is another missing character moment we could have benefited from.
  • The team being so quick to denounce Mick completely contradicts the ‘growing together as a team’ theme of the season.
  • Rip is slowly getting better and better as a character.
  • It was slightly amusing how Nate’s hope that The Legion wouldn’t know how to use The Spear was completely shattered.

Favorite Quote: “It’s not useless. I know ten different ways to kill somebody with this.”

Most Favorite Character:  Sara Lance (While things just kept getting crazier and crazier, Sara did her best to keep everything on track. She stopped Amaya from potentially corrupting herself, and she continues to show why she’s the captain that this team needs and deserves.)

Least Favorite Character:  Mick Rory (I expected far more from Mick than what I got. The bad guys are always gonna be bad guys, but I thought Rory evolved past that. After all the work he’s done to become more a part of the team, I truly expected him to reject Snart. Apparently, I was wrong.)

Overall Grade: C- (As great as the show has been this season, this has to be the worst episode regarding the plot and character actions. Mick stepped back from the character development he’s gone through this season, The Legion now has The Spear of Destiny, and things can go until downhill from here until the good guys can get back on the right track and put an end to this.)

What did you think about this episode of Legends of Tomorrow? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Legends Of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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