Shots Fired Review: Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust (Season 1 Episode 2)

Shots Fired Season 1 Episode 2, “Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust,” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats just like Episode 1 did.

Ashe is fighting a custody battle, Preston is dealing with family drama, and Beck is losing his mind.

Ashe is not a bad mother, but the longer she continues to put off treatment increases her chances of losing her daughter. That’s something that Ashe doesn’t want, but will happen because she can’t seem to get it together for the court.

If Ashe loses her battle for custody, it will utterly destroy her. Her daughter is the only thing keeping her life together and keeping her in check.

Preston, on the other hand, is having to fight for attention from his father, who is only majorly involved with Mace. Mace went on to be a football superstar, something that Preston’s father wanted, so he gets all of the attention.

Preston’s father is bent of shape all because Preston didn’t stay playing baseball like he wanted him to. News flash: there are more important things than sports. But, I guess Preston’s dad never got that memo.

It doesn’t help that the moment Preston’s around his father Mace has to show up, taking all the attention like he knows he does.

Not only is Mace an attention hog, but he also can’t take no for an answer without resorting to throwing around trash talk. Ashe stated from the very beginning that all she was looking for was a one night stand, but because she doesn’t want to hook up again, she now has ‘issues.’

Mace, boy bye. Next time you think it’s okay to call Ashe a groupie I hope she shows you just why you should learn to keep your mouth shut.

As for Pastor Janae, I’m not entirely sure where I stand with her. Right now it seems like she’s for hungry for media attention. Deep down I feel like she does care, but I can’t shake the feeling that she’s only acting like this to become famous for speaking out.

I feel like she’s only using Joey Campbell’s death to try and replace Reverend Dupont as the voice for the black community. It doesn’t help her case now that we know she had Joey beaten up before his death.

Why are people afraid of Janae and her two minions at church? Why does she patrol the area with them? So many questions! At first, I thought it was police who beat Preston up and chased Cory down; now I think that it could’ve been Janae and her minions.

Meanwhile, Beck is losing it. He knows that he’s being watched, yet he goes to shake down his cousin in public. He is already on a very thin line with the community, and he doesn’t need to be seen beating up on people out in public.

The Police Union dropping Beck makes me think even more that the video leak could’ve come from inside the department. We know that Breeland is nothing but a racist piece of trash, Sheriff Platt is obviously hiding something, and Brooks is also suspicious.

Brooks claims to be Becks best friend, and I believe him. But, it is a little odd that he’s the one who was arresting Junior and had access to his phone before the video was wiped clean. I don’t think that he would be the one to do it, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if it was all fake to stay close to Beck.

Speaking of Breeland, my face lit up as his daughter called him out on his racist remarks. Breeland can play it off to her, let her go to a party to forget about it, and say he was only saying that because the boy was big, but we all know he’s just a nasty racist.

Breeland was not helping Shameeka by telling her to keep quiet about Joey’s death; he was threatening her because he knew nothing would ever be done about it.

“Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust” is just as good as Episode 1. I can’t wait to see what else this show has in store for us.

Other Thoughts:

  • You can tell that Sheriff Platt has a guilty conscience by the way he acts when Preston brings up the fact that Cory is now missing.
  • Kiana leaving town the minute Joey is murdered is suspicious as heck. You know that she was relocated because she had dirt on the department.
  • Preston and Ashe are butting heads right now, but I think that they’ll get along way better now that they’re on the same page.

What did you think about this episode of Shots Fired? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Shots Fired airs on Wednesday’s at 8/7c on Fox.


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