Legends Of Tomorrow Review: Aruba (Season 2 Episode 17)

I wasn’t sure how Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 17, “Aruba,” was going to go, primarily based off of the events of the penultimate episode. The show’s canon has always subscribed to the notion that ‘folding in on yourself’ would have disastrous consequences. After watching how things unfolded, I’m left feeling more ‘meh’ about a season that, other than the final three episodes, was knocking it out the park at just about every turn.

Future Self, Meet Your Past Self

Now, for future reference, we know why it’s so dangerous to time travel back to time you’ve already participated in. You end up inevitably running into the past version of yourself, get punched across the jaw by solid steel, and die.

I was intrigued by the whole ‘change the past to change the altered future’ angle, but I started losing interest the minute our heroes started getting killed off. Amaya was the first to go last week and starting off with Ray getting his heart ripped out of his chest was too much for me.

Once they did that to him, I could see the whole trajectory for the rest of the episode. You can only have two sets of the same team around for so long before someone has to go.

I understand why they did what they did, but it wasn’t entertaining to watch all the good guys die back to back like that.

Anticlimactic Much?

As far as The Legion is concerned, I was expecting some kind of retribution for everything they’ve done over the course of the season. They’ve been nothing but a nuisance and, in my opinion, they got off light.

Sara bringing The Black Flash in to take care of Eobard was everything I knew I needed but we’ve already seen him disintegrate on The Flash‘s Season 1 finale. That didn’t exactly get rid of him.

Once again, I understand why they had to put them back in their proper timelines, but it wasn’t a satisfying end for me. I was expecting something far more than what I get. Even The Black Flash seemed a little too quick (no pun intended) of a scene. I wanted to see Eobard suffer before getting killed off again.

Compared to last season, when they killed Vandal Savage three different times in three different time periods, this left more to be desired for me. 

Gain One To Lose One

Now that we’ve come to the end of the season, we can finally answer the question: who’s staying on the Waverider and who’s jumping off? Last season, Hawkgirl and Hawkman flew off into the night (literally) while Captain Cold sacrificed himself to help the team escape The Time Masters.

This time around, it was a shock to find that only one person decided to get out while they still could was Rip Hunter. He wasn’t even on my radar as a possible candidate to be on the chopping block.

His reason for leaving is understandable. He feels like he doesn’t have a place on the team anymore. He feels it better to just remove himself entirely. It’s a shame because I was starting to like him as a character. Hopefully, now he can go chill out with his pal, Jonah Hex.

The person I thought was leaving was Amaya but, lo and behold, both she and Nate are staying. I’m relieved more than anything. She’s transformed into a natural part of the team. There would’ve definitely been something missing, had she not been there coming back from summer hiatus.

Other Thoughts:

  • I don’t think Sara knows about her sister’s evil doppelganger over on Arrow.
  • Sara should’ve given The Spear to Ray, and he could’ve shrunk and flown over the whole battle to get to the ship.
  • I just want Laurel back. If Vixen can stay on the ship and avoid her ‘destiny’, I’m sure we can bring Laurel on board.

Favorite Quote: “Don’t be a douche.”

Most Favorite Character:  Sara Lance (Her moment with Laurel was touching and the kind of reassurance that she needed. Any time Caity Lotz and Katie Cassidy get a scene together is a home run for me. Plus, she brought The Black Flash in. Who wouldn’t love that?)

Least Favorite Character: The Legion (I’m glad we’re done with them. I hope we never have to deal with Eobard or Merlyn again. Thankfully, Damien’s already dead in the current Arrowverse timeline.)

Overall Grade: C+ (Had it not been for the season 3 teaser at the end of the episode, I would’ve probably ranked this finale a C or a C-. Everything was feeling a little too rushed for my taste. Plus, the scene with The Lance Sisters bumped it up a notch or too.)

What did you think about this episode of Legends of Tomorrow? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Legends Of Tomorrow airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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