iZombie Season 3 Episode 1, “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother,” premiered Last Tuesday after what seemed like a hiatus of epic proportion picking right up where we left off with the Max Rager Massacre or as I like to call it “Zombie Prom with a 90’s soundtrack.”

Thankfully, all of our brain squad made it out alive and unscathed physically, but no one survived emotionally. Clive knows the whole gruesome truth about zombies, Ravi finds out about Blaine and Peyton’s intimate entanglements, Major has been cleared by the cops but not by society, and Liv had to put down her boyfriend Drake which totally broke my heart.

Since this season picks up directly after the Season 2 Finale, it’s the first episode we have that isn’t really focused on Liv and Clive solving brain crimes but trying to see what exactly the future holds for a world of zombies living among us. Talk about dropping bombs and hitting the ground running, right? Here are a couple of things that stood out to me during the episode:

Two Zombies & A Cop Walk Into A Zombie Party…

Now that Clive knows the truth about Liv and the overgrowing zombie population of Seattle, he’s finally on the same page with the rest of Team Z…kind of. Clive is a loyal guy, and he’s gone to the mat for Liv, but he’s on the human side of things, and every cop instinct in his body is screaming that he needs to get in front of the impending Zombie vs. Humans war.

Especially now that he knows this special government contractor named Vivian Stoll is looking to make a move on the entire state of Seattle if not the entire country. There are lives on both sides that are at risk, and I don’t blame him for being torn. He now has to figure out how to do his job and protect people on both sides of this imminent disaster, but no matter what he does, someone is going to lose.

He already got a horrible taste of that with someone murdering sweet little Wally who Clive was relieved and shocked to see at Filmore-Graves Enterprises. Knowing that this virus has reached children is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s a very real situation that has to be handled with care to make sure another massacre or outbreak doesn’t occur. Talk about having the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Life After Killing Chaotically

Major has officially been cleared by the FBI but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world is going to be so forgiving of his crimes and yes he committed crimes. If you’ll remember correctly, Major did, in fact, kill zombies on the list in the beginning so let’s not go around waving the innocence flag.

He is very much guilty of being the Chaos Killer, so I don’t think people vandalizing his home or being rude in a coffee shop are completely baffling. The downside to this is that Major is a compulsive person. He doesn’t think out his plans from beginning to end and more than likely it goes sideways.

He has the guilt of what he’s done and the responsibility to the people he kidnapped weighing on his shoulders, and that’s going to make him act out in order to redeem himself and help than find a safer, more comfortable life away from people like Vaughn Du Clark. That doesn’t mean take the first option that gets thrown in your face that’s painted up perfectly by a woman you know nothing about with a very clear agenda.

The phrase “There’s a price to pay for zombie on zombie crime” LITERALLY came out of her mouth in his presence. Clearly Major has never heard the saying “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

All Hail Zombie Queen Vivian of House Filmore-Graves

Everything about Vivian Stoll is a red flag. You can put a pants suit on a snake but it’s still a snake. Her very first interaction with Liv was an aggressive ultimatum and now she seems to be voluntarily showing her hand by inviting Clive, Major and Liv behind the curtain of her entire operation?

There’s no way she isn’t a super villain. The entire meeting with Team Z, she tried to make Clive seem like he was the aggressor, almost making an example out of the human in the room but he kept his cool the whole time, pressing her for the real answers to the important questions.

Someone who lets you know that they’re incredibly armed and trained while also in possession of a super drug that makes people lose their minds isn’t going to ship all the zombies off to an island when they can rule the world.

Strategically it wouldn’t make sense because you’d only be easier to take out if you put all the zombies on an island so all I can say to Ms. Vivian Stoll, government contractor/zombie advocate/apocalypses leader, you may be fooling naïve Liv and irrational Major but you’re not fooling this girl.

The Doctor, The Lawyer & The Mortician

The thing about “Love Triangles” is that they’re messy. I mean think about the actual shape of a triangle: only two points are on the same level and the other is left high and dry. I mean I fully support polyamorous relationships but this is not the case for Blaine, Peyton and Ravi. Ravi knows Blaine. He knows what he’s capable of and all the horrible things he’s done so naturally he hates him.

Peyton didn’t know just how bad Blaine was until after she slept with him. Sure she knew he worked for Mr. Boss and he was a client but if those weren’t deal breakers for her then I say she’s a big girl. Peyton and Ravi weren’t on the same page and she slept with a cold bloodied murderer who also turned her best friend into a zombie.

Blaine and Peyton weren’t on the same page because Ravi gave him the cure and it supposedly wiped his brain (still not buying that). Ravi and Blaine weren’t on the same page because…well Blaine sucks and why would Ravi want to hang out with him? See, it’s all messy but the important things to focus on out of all of this triangle nonsense is that there are much larger things on the horizon.

If Blaine truly lost his memories than he’s in a world of hurt when Don E gets into bed with his manacle, vengeful father. Peyton still seems comfortable leaning on Blaine despite his horrible past which means more attacks will probably put her in the cross-hairs of people Blaine has hurt (i.e. Vivian Stoll). Ravi has literally been cranking out zombie cures left and right and no one’s bothered throwing him a party or even giving him a pat on the back.

I mean come on, the guy created a cure for a disease that has the life altering rate of cancer AND is working on recovering memories from the human brain which wouldn’t just help post-cured zombies but millions of people that suffer from memory loss diseases! I say again, WHY HAS NO ONE SENT THIS MAN A FRUIT ARRANGEMENT YET!? It’s inconceivable!

I’m also worried about his old boss, Dr. Katty Kupps making a random appearance to inspect bodies from the massacre. She knows how smart and capable Ravi is and I don’t trust anyone who would fire Ravi…have I mentioned I’m biased because he’s my favorite character?

Liv After Love

Liv comes full circle on her assassin brains and can’t seem to process anymore of how she’s feeling. So much has happened in the last 48 hours between surviving a massacre, having to put down a man she loved, learning of a government installation that’s preparing for a zombie war and all that would come with the world learning of zombies, it finally just overtakes her.

It leads to a very touching moment with Clive and Liv where she breaks down in his squad car with grief from losing Drake, and he finally gets a chance to really talk to her about what happened that night. He takes her our and gets her sauced, but he reminds her that she saved his life by doing the humane thing for a man she loved. She repays him when she learns of Wally’s murder, and they make a decision to protect the zombies, but Clive vows to avenge Wally’s death.

By the end of the episode, it seemed Team Z were all on the same side but in very different ways. Clive was so caught up in his own grief that he just wanted someone to pay making Liv drive her point home that zombies just aren’t safe out in the open.

She makes her commitment known to Vivian Stoll, who I suspect set the whole thing up before hiring Major to join her Super Zombie Squad but that’s just my theory. No matter what, they’ve gotten into bed with Filmore-Graves Enterprises, so we’ll just have to see how it all pans out.

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to catch a brand new episode of iZombie on The CW.


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