‘Lust For Life’ Single/Video Released + Review

Released through her official YouTube¬†Vevo page, Lana Del Rey teamed up with The Weeknd to bring forth the title track for her upcoming album, ‘Lust For Life’. This marks the second track from the album released, ‘Love’¬†having been released earlier in the year.

The song follows the same vein and message that her previously released track does. Her and The Weeknd celebrate their love and sing about their passion for each other and their, appropriately coined, lust for life. They have no reason to hold back on how they feel and they want the world to know. The repeating lyrics, both the chorus and the verses, only solidify the message they want to put out. They’re the masters of their own fate and nobody can stop them.

Green lights and blue skies forever. The overwhelming positive vibes make you want to keep this song on constant repeat. It does that for me, at least.

I haven’t heard much of The Weeknd’s music but this is a collaboration I approve of entirely.

The video itself is simple. The two lovebirds are sitting atop the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign, snuggled up with each other. The camera zooms in on them and out for the majority of the video and, by the end of it, we see Lana from her album teaser holding the scene in her hand. She made no qualms about magic and witchcraft in there so, in my opinion, she’s saying her title track is an ingredient for the grand master concoction, the full album itself.

If you haven’t seen/heard it, do yourself a favor, drop what you’re doing, and take the time to do so. You won’t be disappointed in the direction Lana’s going for this song and her new music.

You can watch the official music video below.


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