Sweet/Vicious: Jules’ Top Moments

The cancellation of Sweet/Vicious is a hard thing for me to deal with and it’s taking time to get over. So, after doing a little re-watch and instantly falling in love with the show all over again, I decided to point out my top Jules moments throughout the season.

Narrowing down my choices was hard, especially with how amazing this show is, but here are Jules’ top moments from Season 1.

1. Jules reporting Nate to the school

Nate getting what he deserves has been a long time coming, and he finally does as Jules goes back to the school to report her assault. The first time didn’t go over so well for Jules, but with the support of her friends and loved ones she finally got through to the university. Things don’t go over so smoothly in the end, but this is a big moment for Jules. Her bravery and determination to make Nate pay for what he did is empowering.

2. Jules confronting Nate about raping her

It’s downright disgusting that Nate thought for a remote second that what he and Jules did was just sex or cheating on Kennedy. People don’t stop talking to you, ignoring you, and visibly becoming so uncomfortable that they could vomit at the sight of you because you hooked up and it was a bad decision. I and I’m sure fans everywhere, waited restlessly for this glorious moment to happen. Jules finally put Nate in his place.

3. Jules telling Kennedy about Nate

This scene made me sad, angry, and happy all at the same time. On one side Jules is finally getting the courage to tell Kennedy what Nate did, and then you have Kennedy. Lying about sorority meetings and fake dates you can be mad about, but to not believe someone when they come to you about them being raped? Heartless. The fact that Kennedy even thought Jules was lying about being raped is ridiculous.

4. Jules kissing Tyler for the first time

This is such a sweet moment between Tyler and Jules, not only because they make a cute couple but because this is the time Jules starts getting comfortable around Tyler. Willingly kissing someone for Jules is a big step in her recovery, especially considering she doesn’t even like being touched anymore.

5. Jules and Tyler sleeping together

This is the ultimate moment; with Jules no longer having to worry about Nate, no longer having to see his face every time she closes her eyes, she finally got to enjoy herself without having to think about her attacker.

6. Jules Yelling at Evan while drunk

Jules has had a hard time for a long time and deserves to let loose once in awhile. Luckily for us, when Jules is drunk she doesn’t put up with cheaters; Jules yelling at Evan is a good laugh that everyone needs at this moment. So many bad things are going on, but it doesn’t matter right now because Jules is enjoying a very good time with her best friend and Harris. And nobody is going to ruin that, especially Evan going on a date with someone who isn’t Ophelia. Just think about it, what if Jules hadn’t called Evan out in the bar and made Ophelia go over there and confront him? They might have never reconnected.

7. Jules asking for a rape kit

Viewers of Sweet/Vicious already know what a tenacious, heroic person Jules is, but this moment proves it all. Not only does this scene show how strong Jules is, but it shows how strong survivors everywhere are. This is one of my favorite scenes because it accurately portrays what victims of sexual assault go through. You sit there wondering what to do, where to go, how to go on and somehow you do. You get right back up, you take yourself wherever you need to go to get help, and you work on getting better. Willingly going to get help after sexual assault is one of the hardest things somebody can do, and I thank Eliza Bennett for portraying such a raw, accurate character. I also thank Jennifer Kaytin Robinson for not shying away from the gory details. Her writing is what I aspire to achieve in life.

8. Jules comforting Kennedy when she misses Nate

This is another big moment for Jules. Kennedy put Jules through the ringer when Jules was the one who had been attacked by one of her friends and Kennedy’s boyfriend, yet Kennedy thought it was her right to make Jules feel bad for not saying something sooner. Does that affect the way Jules thinks about Kennedy? No. Does that mean that Jules has no sympathy for Kennedy when she’s grieving Nate? No. Jules is right; Kennedy has to take the time to grieve and get over Nate because he was the love of her life, or so she thought. He was one of the biggest things in her life, and now he’s gone. She knows what he did and how horrible of a person he is, but you still have to grieve that loss and Jules sitting there, pushing Kennedy and telling her that it’s perfectly reasonable proves, once again, what a great person she is.

9. Jules throwing Ophelia in the basement

I’m going to start by saying that I do not condone violence against Ophelia as she is my favorite snarky, sarcastic, hilarious Buttercup, but this was gold. Jules didn’t know who Ophelia was yet, but she knew that she had someone snooping around and she couldn’t have that. My main reason for loving this scene so much is that it shows how strong Jules is and how she can handle herself, but also that Ophelia is fearless in the eye of danger as she snatches Jules’ phone even after being threatened with a knife.

10. Jules beating Will up

This is one of Jules’ top moments because it’s the first time that we get to see her in action. We don’t see anything else, at first, besides Jules showing what a badass she is. She’s the woman you see in your nightmares when you’ve decided that you’re above consent. She’s the woman you fear at night when you know you’ve done wrong.

Although Sweet/Vicious is officially canceled at MTV, you can still sign this petition to get Netflix to pick the show up and give us a Season 2! Be sure to lookout for some more fun posts like this in the next few weeks as I will be naming my top Ophelia and top Jules/Ophelia moments as well!


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