American Gods Review: Head Full Of Snow (Season 1 Episode 3)


American Gods Season 1 Episode 3, “Head Full of Snow,” proves that every week this show gets more intriguing, even though the questions from the previous episodes barely even get answered. Shadow doesn’t know who Technical Boy is or why he almost got lynched. He feels like he’s slowly losing his mind and Mr. Wednesday would rather talk in circles than give him direct answers. Even still, he marches on with this journey. He’s a lot braver than I am.

No-Win Deal

Even though Shadow had some kind of a plan in mind when it came to challenging Czernobog to a second checkers match, it was still stupid to even agree to the deal in the first place. The woman on the roof had it completely right that he didn’t care about the value of his life.

I would never take a deal from some guy that just talked about smashing cow brains with a sledgehammer like it’s just a regular every day thing.

If it were me in the situation, I wouldn’t have bet my life a second time. Either way, the result of the game went, Shadow dies.  

He won the game and got the ally Mr. Wednesday needed, but he’s still gonna have to honor the deal and get his head bashed off. I don’t think the Slavic god is gonna be in the mood for making a third deal.


Salesman Without A Smile

The whole time the salesman with the briefcase was on screen, I was wondering where the show was going to take his character. This isn’t the kind of show that just wastes airtime.

Just watching him waiting for a meeting that was, obviously, never gonna come was comical and frustrating at the same time. I would’ve up and left after the first couple minutes, but I guess it stands to his character and his motivations.

You can tell a lot about someone by the littlest actions, and a whole lot was said with him and what his backstory could be. He feels like the kind of character I’d like, but I’m going to remain skeptically optimistic for the moment.

It wasn’t until the djinn came in that things started heating up (rather literally) for his specific section of the story. 

Two Becomes One

This show’s take on the djinn lore is vastly different than the lore I’ve gotten used to.

This specific Djinn was one I connected with, just like the salesman did. I didn’t expect them to connect as deeply as they ended up but I was completely here for it.

I’m guessing the djinn transferred his spirit from the previous vessel to the current one. The salesman looked too coherent to have been possessed.

It’s interesting how this differs from Bilquis’ use of sex. She simply uses it to feed herself and keep her appearance youthful. In this case, it seemed to be a simple transference of power.

There might be more to it but, for right now, that’s all I think it is. How this will play into the main story, I have no clue.

Other Thoughts:

  • Anubis is the first god introduced that I get no kind of negative or suspicious vibes from.
  • Mr. Wednesday’s talking in circles only makes me dislike him more and more with each episode.
  • Shadow making it snow was simultaneously cool and concerning.
  • I wonder how deep the foreshadowing of ‘the end of the world’ runs.
  • If Shadow thought he was losing his mind before, he’s gonna go completely off the deep end now that Laura’s back.

Favorite Quote: “I do not grant wishes.”

Overall Grade: B+ (The scenes between the salesman and the taxi cab driver was great and provided a more positive light to the Old World side of the battle. Anubis did the same thing. I would’ve liked the episode more if some answers were given and not just more questions to add to the list.)

What did you think about this episode of American Gods? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

American Gods airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.


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