The Qveen Has Arrived And Brings Gifts

As the teaser video above says, ‘Karmin is dead.’ Well….not really dead. It’s more like on an ‘indefinite vacation.’ The time has come for the music-making duo to make a change and that change comes in the form of ‘Qveen Herby,’ Amy’s new persona.

Along with a new moniker and a new look, there’s also a new EP to look forward to. Entitled “Qveen Herby – EP 1”, the music will take on more of a hip-hop/R&B feel than any of the music that’s come beforehand.

There are to be 5 songs in total and more than enough rapping to suit your tastes if you’re into more of that side of the music that comes from Amy & Nick. Personally, I’m a huge fan of mixing rap with the main flow of the song. It always adds an extra enjoyable dynamic.

I’m interested to see what this new chapter brings and, after being a fan of the duo since almost the beginning, I know it’s going to be some high-quality music. I’m still listening to and loving their most current album, ‘Leo Rising,’ and that came out months ago.

The EP will be released June 2nd, 2017.

You can find it and pre-order it on Itunes.

You can follow anything Qveen Herby on Twitter – @qveenherby


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