American Gods Review: Lemon Scented You (Season 1 Episode 5)

American Gods Season 1 Episode 5, “Lemon Scented You,” finally kicks the main plot of the season along with a major introduction, a proposition between the old and the new, and a not so lucky leprechaun that seems to get more and more unlucky as the weeks go by. I’m happy that things seem to be ramping up now.

The Power Of Belief

As a theme, ‘belief’ tends to come up in some form every episode. The cold open for this episode centered wholly on the ‘cycle of life’ for all the gods and goddesses that have ever existed.

Gods live because people believe in them and gods die when people ultimately forget about them. That’s pretty much the whole reason Odin (formerly known as ‘Mr. Wednesday) wants to ‘get the band back together.’

People simply don’t care about The Old Gods anymore. Their time has come and gone. 

While it’s completely understandable that he doesn’t want to fade into obscurity, I don’t see how in the world he can stop the flow of progress and evolution enough to keep himself around.

People aren’t just gonna stop watching TV or using their phones because he wants them to. Technical Boy and Media wouldn’t have any of that.

Reunited And It Feels So Awkward

Shadow continues to prove, with each episode, that he’s a much stronger person than I am.

If my dead wife were suddenly sitting on my hotel bed, I would’ve run the other way and never looked back. He took the whole thing a lot better than I would’ve expected.

Maybe seeing Laura again was the straw that broke the camel’s back in his brain. He could try and explain away the lynching and Lucille Ball offering to show him her chest.

However, his dead wife actually coming back to life isn’t so easily shaded over. He threw the pillow at her, and she threw it right back to him.

I’m glad that Shadow stood up and rejected the ‘puppy’ nickname. It was starting to get annoying the more she said it.

Though, she’ll probably try her best to rekindle what was possibly never there for her since kissing him made her ‘feel something.’ Her whole aura of nonchalance was what bothered me the most. 

Is Karma A God?

What goes around, comes around. For Shadow and Odin, their ‘coming around’ came in the form of a meeting with The New Gods: Technical Boy, Media, and Mr. World.

While the first doesn’t impress me and the second is entertaining, we got introduced to Mr. World, the god of globalization.

The immediate vibes I got were creepy, and I knew that he was the one that ratted the two out. Thoughts of ‘Big Brother’ immediately rang in my head, especially with all the imagery of cameras and satellite images. 

He forced an apology out of Technical Boy (even though everyone knew it was about as fake as it could get). He also wanted to offer a ‘merger’ between them and Odin. They want to lift him up alongside them, not beat him into the ground and leave him for dead.

If that’s just the long and short of it, which it probably isn’t, Odin would probably be better off taking the deal. 

If Media can knock out teeth just by blowing a kiss, I’d hate to see what she could when she wants to pack more of a punch.

There’s surely more to this than meets the eye but, for the moment, I’m gonna side with The New Gods. Odin doesn’t have a leg to stand on when he forced his people to wage all-out war against themselves just to get his attention. 

Other Thoughts:

  • Shadow might be dreaming of Nanu Nene, and the bone orchard might be the forest the people traveled to in the cold open.
  • The only time I enjoyed watching Laura was when she was telling Mad Sweeney he was never getting his coin back.
  • Though the Marilyn’s voice was slightly irritating at points. Media’s representations are always high quality. 
  • Laura needs to work on controlling her mouth movements.
  • What exactly was that tree thing?

Favorite Quote: “Gods are great, but people are greater.”

Overall Grade: A- (I could’ve done with the Laura and Shadow relationship section, but the story is progressing along. We only have 3 episodes left, and I finally have a sense of what exactly’s going on. It always helps to put some faces on what you’re trying to convey.)

What did you think about this episode of American Gods? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

American Gods airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.


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