Shadowhunters: What We’d Like To See During Season 2B

We made it! To be honest, this was one of the quickest hiatuses I’ve ever had to go through in all of my TV show fandoms. Monday night Shadowhunters S2B returns and I know I’m not the only one who’s incredibly stoked. There were some serious ups and downs in 2A, some plot lines I really enjoyed and some that were less than enjoyable, to say the least. I’ve seen some teases and spoilers, but not all, so the mention of such will be very light in this article.

Here is a list of things I would love to see in Season 2B:

Hair of the Wolf

Luke was not in great standing in most of 2A which really sucked because he’s so family oriented and cares so much about people that the death of Jocelyn sort of made him forget that he has a family outside of Clary. After the Soul Sword was activated and so many Downworlders were lost, Luke is going to have to rebuild his pack from the ground up and try to gain the trust of the werewolf community back enough to find a second in command (RIP Alaric).

I’d also love for Luke to go the extra mile with Maia and have the two of them really front line the pack this season. He has to win her trust back as well and prove he’s a good enough alpha to lead them, but he also needs to make up for pushing Maia aside and putting her in a harmful situation due to his lapse in judgment.

There is so much about Maia’s history we haven’t learned, and we got a little taste of what Luke’s blood family is like so pushing their stories to the forefront and watching them rebuild together would be amazing.

Izzy’s Recovery/Raphael’s Awakening

I can’t lie and say this was my absolute least favorite story line of 2A. Not just because of the addiction storyline and the POC character assassination that was carried out to fulfill the story line but because they took two strong, influential characters and completely tore them down and pushed them together as some sort of “surprise” pairing for shock value.

Isabelle had seemed to be the level headed female leader until she was faced with the criticisms of her mother in season 1, but she worked her way away from that and became stronger. Proved she was a leader in her own right until the addiction started. Then she spent the rest of the season relying on other men, and that’s not something I want for such a strong, independent female character.

I want Isabelle’s recovery to be supported by her family. I want her mother to see just how far she went to be on top of her game during an injury so maybe they can strengthen their bonds, and she can get healthy again. I want Isabelle to find her empowerment again because that’s what drew me to her character in the first place.

Raphael’s sexuality reveal was so important to the LGBTQ community only to have it completely overshadowed by how it came about. Ace characters are vastly underrepresented in TV and movies among other sexualities, genders, and races but having Raphael being open about his sexuality can be a great start of change.

I’d like for Raphael’s “feelings” for Isabelle to be strictly blood lust that way we can explore his sexuality on a clean slate and not one that started with an addiction plot. I’ve already seen Raphael being protective in teasers, but I’d like for that just be him trying to find penance for himself. Raphael deserves happiness just like the rest of our main characters, and he deserves organic, a real romantic chemistry that is untainted by an addiction storyline.

Much like Luke, Raphael was quite distracted during such a pivotal time in the Downworlder warfare and now has to rebuild his clan. I’d like for him to continue helping Simon in his vampire transition and find himself someone who can stand by his side without self-medicating.

Downworlder Recovery

Plenty of people at the Institute were killed because of Valentine but how often vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and seelies are forgotten. They agreed to help against their own reservations, agreed to take a risk to stop a war before it could start and they were slaughtered upon arrival.

While I know the alliances with Downworlders is incredibly important to win this war against Valentine, they all just suffered a huge loss of their own people. They need time to mourn, time to heal and time to regroup. Things that are often overlooked in times of war but are absolutely needed to carry on without irrational decision making.

The focus of the show has always seemed to be the Shadowhunters with the Downworlders operating around them, but I want for them to be the focal point of 2B. The only reason the Clave keeps their fist so tightly around the Downworlders is because they know how powerful they truly are. They don’t need the Clave, they don’t respect the Clave, and if pushed hard enough, they could very well take the Clave out of existence.

I want the Downworlders to be able to show just how powerful they are so that the Shadowhunters can see that not only should they show them some respect but some equality as well.

We’ve got a small taste of vampires, werewolves, and warlocks but I would love to get a more in-depth look at the Seelie realm. Meliorn’s character had such a drastic change from the playful lover of season 1 to an obedient warrior in 2A which was brilliantly played by Jade Hassouné.

I want to know more of his struggle from the lightness that Meliorn was in the beginning to the broken down dark soldier he’s had to transition to so radically. I’ve heard rumors that we’ll get an inside of the Seelie realm and how it’s run but I hope we also get stories of the Seelie people as well.

A Daylighter, A Shadowhunter & A Ginger Angel

No matter who you ship with who, we can all say a silent praise that the brother/sister situation is finally over and done with. A love triangle isn’t a trope I usually enjoy, but if it came down to that or incest, I’d become a triangle lady in a heartbeat.

Now the age-old question will come up for Clary: Who will she choose? Are you kidding me? There’s a freaking war happening, and at least 72% of it is their fault! Romance is always a plus to lighten such a dark path but comes on, we have to prioritize some things.

I mean Malec’s in love and they barely get 5 seconds of onscreen kissing…oh, wait…all shade aside considering Simon no longer requires it (A daylighter joke with my tea, I think yes) I’m pumped that he “got the girl” he’s been pinning over for his entire life, but also, he’s a DAYLIGHTER now! How cool is that?! It needs to be explored, he needs to figure out the extent of what that truly means. Is he the first of his kind? He isn’t fazed by sunlight but what ARE his limitations?

So much research needs to go into Simon’s change, and I’d love for him and Jace to actually bond over the fact that he made being a vampire a bit more bearable. Being in love with the same girl doesn’t mean they have to hate one another.

Jace also needs about a thousand hugs and a vacation to outer space so no one can touch him. His guilt of activating the soul sword and costing all those Downworlders their lives will always weigh heavily on his heart, but as we’ve seen, his method of coping is to push that weight down and move forward without dealing.

That’s never been a healthy way of handling loss and tragedy, but he’s a warrior through and through. Jace will probably strive for redemption, taking the punches he feels he deserves from the Downworlders and crack the skulls of those who continue to try to manipulate him. Jace needs to take a step back and take care of himself.

He spends all his time worrying about everyone else that he forgets about himself. Losing lives always makes you forget about the ones you’ve saved so surrounding himself with his family to regain his strength would be in his best interest. Cutting the mental ties with Valentine will probably be difficult, but I believe he’s strong enough.

Clary, on the other hand, is in for a world of hurt…more so now than ever before. Much like Magnus told Alec, finding a balance between the war and what you’re fighting for is important but I’m afraid the war may be too weighed down to counterbalance it.

A lot of people trusted her and got hurt. She didn’t really have the background or knowledge to lead a war, but she tried anyway and now that has set her back with not only the Shadowhunters but the Downworlders that are left to pick up the pieces. As much as I think she should take a backseat in the war, I doubt that will be the case.

My greatest hope for her is that she figures out her rune abilities. That is such a powerful gift, and instead of trying to fix everything that’s broken, I think she should focus on harnessing just how powerful she can be. Figuring out which of the two incredibly cute and badass gentlemen she would like to be courted by can come later.

Malec on the Real

Speaking of love, the only solid couple we got out of 2A was the only one that was constantly teased and rarely delivered. Don’t get me wrong, we had some incredible moments and fast paced development, but we didn’t get the realness of what their love is. We got little dates with Clary and Simon, some heavy petting with Jace and a beautiful Seelie woman, even Isabelle and Raphael necking (vampire jokes) but it would appear the Malec reality came in little bursts of brief, interrupted kisses and the very end of what seemed like a cute domestic moment of what their dating life is like.

We have talented, supportive writers for this show who have taken really good care of these two so far but as a couple, they deserve more.

Alec went from closeted, self-hating gay Shadowhunter to a sexually active, confident, unapologetically out leader. He had such a huge jump, and we barely go to see his thought process in any of it. I want to see him being a boyfriend for the first time ever during the honeymoon phase that takes place smack dab in the middle of a war zone.

I want him to be annoyingly protective over one of the most powerful warlocks in existence and making him dinner for them to have date nights. I want him to stand up to the Clave reminding them that they’re not above the Downworlders in any way while exploring his sexual appetite for the first time in his life.

I want the moments that Alec never thought he’d get to be shown, not talked about in the aftermath because gay youths deserve, at the very least, a positive visual of it getting better. Being closeted in a disapproving world is like living with hands around your neck every single moment with crippling anxiety and negativity constantly tightening the hold it has on you. Alec’s story is inspiring and continues to give hope, it just needs to be seen.

Don’t even get me started on how much Magnus deserves this. He’s constantly utilized by the Shadowhunters, taken advantage of and disrespected but at the end of the day, after everything he’s been through, he let himself fall in love with a Shadowhunter.

He found a piece of his heart that had been so dormant for so long that it’s emerging again in his love for Alec is unquestionably beautiful. This man has waited a century to find someone to break through the darkness in his heart, and he’s finally found that person in the most unlikely of places.

Something I’ve always enjoyed about Magnus’ journey is how confident, and over the top he was in the beginning when he was merely flirting with Alec but now that he’s got him in a relationship, he tip toes. He’s terrified to screw up or lose him, so he spends every moment trying to please him and questioning himself, his past and his decisions because of that fear.

I want to see Magnus open up about his past with Alec, I want him to be entirely free around him and see that Alec isn’t afraid or disgusted, but proud of the man he’s fallen in love with. Malec is the power couple of the show, without question so meaningful development in the maturity of their relationship is something I need this season.

Villains of New & Old

I don’t think any of us for a second believe that just because Valentine was captured are we in the clear of his nefarious ways. If anything, having him so close will only tear everyone apart from the inside. Valentine may be in custody but his followers are still out there, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have been taken alive if he didn’t have some sort of backup plan to keep his mission going…speaking of terrible surprises,

Let’s talk about how I am both excited and not excited I am that Sebastian is arriving. I’m not a fan of the books but from what I’m told he’s one of the worst characters ever to terrorize. My only excitement for this character is that Will Tudor is portraying him and he’s utterly brilliant. I look forward to seeing how well he plays sneaky evil, but I am dreading him doing half the awful things he did in the books. He truly is a horrific human being.

Warlock Watch

We finally got to see Magnus use some of his magic and it was EPIC! Plus the introduction of Madzie, Catarina (by name) and the return of Dot, I DEMAND more badass warlock magic scenes. Hopefully with both Dot and Madzie recovered after escaping the grips of Valentine, I want them to be able to show that warlocks aren’t bad creatures to those who point fingers at them despite being kidnapped.

I’d love more scenes with Madzie and the Shadowhunters so she can show them how innocent warlocks are. They don’t choose the life, it’s something that’s thrust upon them and can be extremely alienating and lonely. Just because you’re a product of something horrible doesn’t make you a horrible person.

They all have kind hearts and were put in terrible situations. I’d love for them to get more screen time of working on the side of good this go around, showing the nonbelievers that they can indeed be trusted.

This is a long list of things I’d love to see but I know not everything is going to go my way. Some Downworlder appreciation is what I want above all. I can’t wait to start 2B with the rest of you. Let me know what your hopes are for Shadowhunters Season 2B in the comments below!

Shadowhunters returns Monday, June 5th @ 8/7c only on Freeform.



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