13 Reasons Why: Tape Four- Anonymous Mom

Today’s interviewer politely requested that our article be published anonymously, and without hesitation, I agreed. The subject matter of the show and article questions are very sensitive, and I greatly respect every single person that allowed me into their head space for this series.

Name/Age: Anonymous/28

1.) How did you hear about the show?

Facebook, saw some posts about how it was good and also heard some negative reviews.

2.) Has depression and anxiety always been a part of your life or have you been exposed to it by family/friends?

Yes, it always played a part but I think the older I got going through abusive relationships and losing my mom and going through life trying to cope without help, I got worse.

3.) Have you ever been exposed to suicide or had thoughts of self-harm due to the stress that comes with having depression and anxiety?

I’ve come a long way, but yes. I struggled as a teen and adulthood. But never had the guts to actually go through with it. To holding a knife or blade to wanting to swallow all my medication.

I’m certainly glad you’re still here. The fight is always hard but just making it through the day is a simple win.

Yes most definitely agree. My kids keep me here and I don’t want them to feel what its like not to have their mom because I know that feeling. So my kids are LITERALLY my life savers.

4.) When you started the show, did you go into it with any concerns?

No, not really.

5.) What did you like about it?

I like that its shows awareness of suicide and we don’t all know what someone is truly going through.

6.) As a mom, do you think mental health should be taught in schools to further educated kids on things like suicide/depression?

I think it would be a good idea and be able to explain how to deal with it at a young age and show that their actions may relieve them of their problems but hurts others who have to live their lives without.

7.) Were there any parts that you didn’t like or were hard to watch?

Oh yes, a few parts I literally cried like a baby because I knew her pain. The part with her in the bathroom with razors…That scene was hard and when her parents found her. I couldn’t image as a parent finding my 17-year-old daughter (my daughter is 3). Then she was going to Bryce’s house because she thought she could hang out with friends. As her friends were paired up and left, Bryce came in and raped her. It was a hard scene to watch. I know what it’s like to think someone is a friend and wouldn’t do that and did. It’s a hard subject to talk about, so I’ll keep it as that.

8.) Without prying, do you think they reflected the material accurately?

For the most part.

9.) What do you feel was missing or could have been added?

She never let her parents know how she felt. I think they would have been able to help if they knew the extent of her depression.

10.) How did you feel by the end of the series?


11.) Can you elaborate?

I felt heartbroken for Hannah’s parents and that she had clay on a goose chase to leave him feeling like if he’d had just ran after her or never left her alone she would still be alive. Sometimes even when a good moment happens, it doesn’t last because something happens and those good thoughts go out the window. Hannah could have made better decisions to better her situations then keep going around those who kept hurting her. But at the end glad because Bryce was about to get justice for doing what he did.

12.) What would you tell people with depression/anxiety who are curious about the show? Would you deter them from watching or warn them of what they’re in for?

Warn them for what they’re in for. Sometimes it can trigger emotions or flashbacks for those who have went through it or are going through it.


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