American Gods Review: Come To Jesus (Season 1 Episode 8)

American Gods Season 1 Episode 8, “Come To Jesus” really swung for the fences. Some of the events in the season finale were home runs while others were complete misses. I truly didn’t know what to expect coming into this, especially with all the loose ends that needed to be brought together. In the end, it was an enjoyable episode with a few information reveals and a major cliffhanger to lead us into next season.

Mr. Wednesday Is The Real Villain

If this episode didn’t solidify the fact that Mr. Wednesday is the main antagonist of this series, I don’t know what does. 

I knew that Laura’s death was a plot by him, but we found out an extra bit of info. He had no real reason to mess with Shadow and Laura. Neither of them was significant in any kind of ‘godly’ way. They just happened to be the ones his eyes fell upon whenever he made his decision to put his influence to work.

Unless there’s something I missed or there’s more to the story coming down the line, Shadow should be working with The New Gods to take down Odin, not the other way around. Mr. World was willing to help him, but Wednesday just wants war.

He’s the much bigger threat if he’s willing to ‘take back Spring’ and put countless lives on the line just because people have moved on and stopped praying to him. I can only hope Shadow wises up and puts as much distance between him and Odin as he possibly can, belief or not.

Personally, I would’ve been done after the whole attempted lynching thing, but that’s just me.

Belief For Shadow

I would’ve preferred this happen a whole lot sooner than the season but Shadow finally ‘believes’ in everything that’s been happening to him since the first episode.

I don’t know how all of this couldn’t have penetrated through to him, but I’m happy his character’s finally come around. I would’ve been done with him if we had went into the second season with Shadow still looking around and wondering what exactly’s going on.

He literally had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. I’m sure the writers had a good chuckle or two writing that whole scene.

I’m guessing the whole thing with the Buffalo was supposed to symbolize his journey to believing that everything was real and not just some extremely vivid lucid dreaming. All the skulls were people that didn’t ‘believe.’

Laura’s Lust For Life (And Revenge)

Laura Moon still isn’t my favorite character on the show, but she’s definitely climbing her way up the ranks after all that happened this episode.

She realizes all the things she had to live for, she wants to appreciate all the things she took for granted the first time around, and she seems to have learned her lessons.

It also helps her standing with me that she wants to take down Odin for everything he’s done to her and her husband. Anyone that wants to take him down gets a thumbs up from me.

I hope that she keeps following this upward trajectory into the next season. I feel like she could become one of my favorite characters overall if she keeps getting better as a character, whether she gets brought back to life or not.

The Story Of Bilquis

I feel like, while I got a much better understanding of Bliquis and how she came to where she is today, I feel like she’s still just as much a mystery now as she was in the first episode.

She’s clearly on the side of The New Gods, no matter how reluctant she might be about it overall. She’s teamed with Technical Boy to use apps and websites to get people to refuel her power.

I get the fact that she ‘owes’ Technical Boy but I don’t know what he wants her to do. The most obvious choice would be that he wants her to consume someone. He doesn’t exactly scream ‘long con.’ Media had to get him in line when he was so brash and ugly with Shadow in the first episode.

I’m still neutral on whether I like her character or not but I’m still not a fan of the whole ‘consuming people’ as a sacrifice thing. I’d hate to go out like that.

Other Thoughts

  • Laura’s line about swearing to Jesus had to be one of my favorites of the whole season.
  • I hated how easily Ostara was tricked into believing Odin’s lies.
  • Ostara went from one of my favorite characters in the beginning to being one of my least favorites by the end of the episode. 
  • I really wanted to see the Jesus with the baby dinosaur.
  • Odin’s ‘big reveal’ was so over-dramatic and extra. I rolled my eyes.

Overall Grade: B+ (This was an entertaining season finale, and it definitely left a lot of things set up for the next season. I especially loved the color palette when it came to Ostara’s big Easter party. The bits with Odin brought my rating down but Laura’s parts, surprisingly, brought it up. I’m certainly tuning in for the next season.)

What did you think about this episode of American Gods? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

American Gods airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.


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