13 Reasons Why: Tape Nine- Lindsey Padilla

As I stated in my previous article, this will be part of a 13 interview cycle where I speak with fans of the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.


Name/Age: Lindsey/32

1.) How did you hear about the show?

It popped up on my FB feed, before it came out. Then it came out and was all over everywhere.

2.) If you’re willing to share, do you suffer from a mental illness or have ever been directly affected by someone with a mental illness?

I do not, but I do have family that suffer from anxiety and depression.

3.) Have you ever been exposed to suicide on personal level?

I’ve had friends that have committed suicide, friends that have been suicidal. I’ve never personally been exposed to it as far as finding someone after or anything as bad as that.

4.) Have you already watched the show or are you considering watching it?

I’ve watched it in full.

5.) Did you have any concerns before starting it?

I was worried of how detailed they would get with certain aspects of the show.

6.) Can you elaborate that? Which aspects were you worried about?

The death scene. I was worried about how in depth they would get with the scene. I didn’t watch it the day it came out, so by the time I’d got to it, spoilers and posts had been made. They didn’t say exactly what happened but it was made clear that it showed more than just her being dead.

7.) That scene has been reported on quite a bit as almost a glamorization of suicide. Would you agree or disagree? How did the scene make you feel?

The scene broke my heart. I had to turn away before she made the first cut, but hearing her cry out in pain, and then for her to keep going through that pain made me realize just how badly she really wanted an out. And then for her mother to come in and react the way she did was almost even harder for me, as a mother. Trying to imagine going through that with any of my three had me sobbing. I couldn’t even imagine.

I don’t think it glamorized it, but I don’t think it was really necessary either.

A parents nightmare. You should never have to bury your children.
I hope and pray daily that it never happens.
8.) What about the series did you enjoy?
It was real life. There are kids out there everyday going through these types of things and no one talks about it. I like that it’s bringing bullying to the front, all aspects of it. How the littlest thing can affect someone’s life without you even knowing it.
And I also liked how it showed that you never really know what’s going on in someone else’s life, behind the closed doors.
9.) Do you feel like it accurately depicted the subject material? Not only just depression and suicide as far as high schoolers are concerned but as an adult.
I did, both with the high schools and the adults. Kids are just that way, thinking of just themselves and how things affect them and no one else. As parents we like to think that we understand and know what’s going on, but that just isn’t always true.
10.) Do you think anything was missing from the series? Anything that could have been added to show the very real sides of mental illness?
I’m really not sure. I feel like I’m not knowledgeable enough on the subject to know what was missing. I think that’s part of what the show points out, is that we really don’t know enough to handle it on our own.
There is a serious lack of mental health education in the world today and it’s just as important as common illness and diseases.
Sad… Scared… Worried for my kids and their future.
11.) Did you sit down with your kids after watching it and have a talk with them? A mother’s instinct is to protect their children so what would you want your kids to know as they grow up in this chaotic world?
I watched it with Kailee, who’s turning 13 in June. I knew with how popular it was she’d end up watching it somewhere and preferred it to be with me then anyone else. We talked it through after, about what other options Hannah had and how it could have been completely different. She and I are pretty close and talk a lot so I’d like to think she’d come to me if she had thoughts or issues like in the show. I just want them to know that no matter what is going on, no matter how scared they are, their parents are always here and will do anything and everything on their power to help them.
12.) What would you tell other parents who might be considering watching the show with/without their kids?
Brace yourself… Because it is a hard series to watch. It can be triggering, heartbreaking. But it’s real life. There are kids out there going through these things and we need to be aware.

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