Blood Drive Review: Booby Traps (Season 1 Episode 6)

Blood Drive Season 1 Episode 6, “Booby Traps” definitely added on to the story in ways that I somewhat saw coming. There were definite surprises, but there were certainly some things that were predictable to a certain degree. The episode as a whole was still enjoyable, though. Sometimes, being able to see the road up ahead is just as good and satisfying as not knowing what’s truly in front of you until you come upon it.

Has Arthur Learned His Lesson?

Arthur is playing the role of the ‘good guy’ and, while I most definitely love that he’s trying to stick to the moral side of the highway, he definitely needs Grace’s street smarts to be able to survive this race to the end. Otherwise, he would’ve been the first one to get his head blown off.

His whole attitude of ‘I got this’ was entertaining to watch in the initial episodes but, especially after this episode, I’m really going to need him to drop it.

Cockiness was what got the clown racer killed and, though it’s highly unlikely they’ll suffer the same fate, I’d rather he stay out of trouble’s way as much as he possibly can.  

He and Grace were, naturally, still going to be captured but he could’ve went about the initial encounter a lot smarter than just walking up to them like he had everything under control.

Land Of The Savage Ladies

As soon as I saw the bikers remove their helmets and reveal themselves to be women, I immediately knew what the deal was. Each episode is based around a certain theme, and this was the ‘gender role reversal’ episode.

The women were the dominant gender, and the men were the slaves/sex objects. I didn’t get any enjoyment out of watching that.

Just because the roles were reversed didn’t make what was happening suddenly the ‘right’ thing to do. The ‘woman scorned’ and the ‘all men are evil’ tropes were so stereotypical, I was tempted to just mute the episode when it focused on that. 

Even though they were being lied to, I would much rather be a part of Mercedes’ office team than be a slave for Carolina and her crew.

Christopher’s Consequences

Even though Chris was being smart about the way he was trying to get the ‘inside scoop’ on Heart Enterprises, he had the deck stacked against him from the very beginning. His eye being wired to Aki’s systems was a surprise that I should’ve seen coming, but I truly did not.

I figured that he would get a bit of a plot break, especially after everything he’s been through since he got captured initially. However, that simply wasn’t the case.

He was caught snooping for info and, instead of being outright killed or castrated, he was put through ‘corrective action.’ I’m glad they went with multicolored puke as opposed to regular puke. I would’ve learned my lesson real quick if I was projectile vomiting the way he was.  

Other Thoughts

  • The Mad Max vibes were extremely real in this episode.
  • I didn’t care about Slink getting fired. He hasn’t registered with me as likable.
  • Even though Karma’s dead, I don’t want Grace’s slump to last for too long. I hope she comes out of it by the end of the next episode.
  • I can’t wait to see what Chris’ next plan of action will be now that he knows he can’t emotionally manipulate the emotionless.

Overall Grade: B (This episode was most definitely good, but the ‘savage women’ knocked it down for me. Plus, Karma actually being dead the whole time was a bit of a letdown for me. I would’ve preferred a different route for her. She might still be alive by the end of the season but, for right now, it’s not my favorite plot point.)

What did you think about this episode of Blood Drive? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Blood Drive airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.


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