Midnight, Texas Review: Lemuel, Unchained (Season 1 Episode 3)

Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 3, “Lemuel, Unchained” shifted the focus away from Manfred and focused more on giving us the backstory of our favorite energy sucking vampire, Lemuel Bridger. When Lem’s past catches up with him, he tries to play nice with the vampire that turned him….until said vampire turns on him and threatens to expose him to sunlight. All the while, the veil the town sits on is getting weaker and weaker by the week. There was certainly rising tensions, and they’ll keep rising as the season keeps going forward.

A Slave In More Ways Than One

We got Lemuel’s complete backstory, and I appreciated how each flashback developed his character and his emotional state as time went on. Each look at his past represented a different stage for him and what he was going through desperation, anger, resistance, and then steadfastness at the end.

He went to Zach because he heard ‘legend’ of the man that could offer freedom to the slaves. He was desperate and willing to give up his life for a chance at getting away from his current life. After feeling the initial rush of power, he got his revenge on the man that held him against his will and everybody else in the place, but he realized, after a while, he was more or less in the same place he was before. 

Wanting to turn away from the bloodlust of vampirism showed how good of a person he is at heart. His good standing with me only gets greater. He didn’t want to take part in the murder and, with a little help from Xylda, he took a stand and forced the others out. He took a stand and didn’t budge. It’s not hard to figure out why he’s one of my favorite characters.

The Angel Has Fallen

Since we know that there’s a chance for singular-character driven episodes, I definitely want to know more about Joe, our resident fallen angel. I already assumed that he was an angel but one that’s fallen? That just adds a whole heap of layers into the equation that simply wasn’t there before.

How exactly did he lose his heavenly privilege and get forced to live a life among the humans and the supernaturals? What other angelic powers does he have, aside from just flight? Why would he feel he has to leave when he’d probably be the most helpful concerning the incoming evil?

His story will most likely be tied with the other prophecy storyline, but I’m definitely interested to see how all of that plays out with him. He obviously knows about what’s coming and, if an angel comes to you with a warning, it’s always best to pay attention and heed what they say.

Love On The Horizon

Even with the vampires running around with the threat of death on their fangs, we got a look at all the different relationships developing within our cast of characters.

Although Creek’s father doesn’t want them together, for whatever reason, she and Manfred continuing to see each other and I’m glad about it. As far as I can tell, her father has no real reason to dislike him. Unless there’s some backstory that we’ve yet to see, I’d definitely give my approval to the guy that was willing to risk his life against a bunch of vampires ready and waiting to kill him. 

Bobo and Fiji clearly should happen. Fiji clearly has feelings for Bobo and, if I’m reading things correctly, Bobo isn’t exactly opposed to the idea of it. If he can fashion a wooden stake-wielding crossbow or a vampire-killing spotlight out of next to nothing, he can most definitely tell when someone has feelings for him.

Olivia and Lemuel are definitely the ‘power couple’ of the town. She was willing to feed him her blood to free him, even though he never wanted to have to travel down that path. She accepts his dark past, and I already know she has more than enough secrets in her backstory to match up with his. 

Other Thoughts

  • I wanna know what exactly Xylda to make Lem how he is now. I don’t think it was ever specified.
  • I like how they kept up with the ‘inhospitable to the dead’ angle. Good continuity is key to having a good show.

Overall Grade: A (This show is keeping up the pace. This episode gave us character backstory for Lemuel, plot development with the veil weakening and inviting evil, and team strengthening when everyone banded together to get rid of the vamps that wanted them and Lem dead. What more could you ask for?)

What did you think about this episode of Midnight, Texas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Midnight, Texas airs on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.


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