‘American Gods’ Opening Credits Drop

Starz is trying to murder us all by dropping the opening credits sequence for American Gods. If I wasn’t already hyped for April 30th to hurry up and come, I would be now. The trailer is all neon lights and smoke, while looking at religious and American iconography with some mixture of technology and drugs. … Continue reading ‘American Gods’ Opening Credits Drop


Interview With #AroAceJugheadOrBust Creator

I recently got the opportunity to interview one of the minds behind FYeahAsexual, the creators of the popular Twitter hashtag, #AroAceJugheadOrBust. For those of you who don't know the background for this hashtag, the story goes back to Jughead #4 issued in February 2015. In this issue, Jughead, who has had a longstanding bigger love of hamburger than … Continue reading Interview With #AroAceJugheadOrBust Creator

Web Series Spotlight: Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis

“I’ve made all the right decisions, but I’m starting to feel that the right decisions might have been the wrong ones.” Every wonder what the Potter Gang were up to in those intervening 19 years? From the mind of Eliyannah Yisrael comes the answer. On January 16th, Sunshine Moxie launched the web series Hermione Granger … Continue reading Web Series Spotlight: Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis